Recess from Stress was founded by Whitney Sich, LMT 6 years ago. Whitney is a Florida resident who loves her family, her 2 dogs, the beach, Yoga, Sushi, traveling, and just life in general. One thing that Whitney believes is crucial to maintaining balance in ones life is a positive attitude. She tries to instill this positivity in every person she encounters. Obviously, life has challenges, but it can also be short, so Whitney says ”it’s important to make the most of every day”! Clients describe Whitney as personable, professional, reliable, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to be around. While Massage Therapy is Whitney’s true passion, she began her Professional career, and has an extensive background in: Sales, Marketing and Management. If you’re looking for help with Sales and/or Marketing, you can view her resume here on Linkedin.


Whitney decided to become a Massage Therapist after experiencing the amazing power of touch while she was providing support to ailing family members. First, Whitney’s “Grandma Trudy” was diagnosed with terminal Cancer, and then her Aunt Maureen was diagnosed with a very Rare disease called Amyloidosis. Whitney was very close to both of these women and desperately wanted to provide relief and support during their difficult journeys… Whitney did some research and asked Doctors what she could do to help. She quickly learned that she was able to provide something that brought noticeable relief to her beloved Grandma, Aunt and grief stricken family… and that was Massage Therapy and other Holistic Therapies.

Whitney found that thru Massage, she had the ability to relax, soothe and dramatically improve discomfort, pain, swelling, and stress with Holistic Therapy and Massage. Whether it was holding and caressing a hand or forehead… or gently massaging the scalp, hands, calves, feet, etc… Or she was practicing reiki and helping with synchronized breathing… Whitney felt that she had a gift and purpose and wanted to share it with her family… Although she will forever mourn the loss of her Aunt & Grandma, she takes comfort in knowing that she was able to help them and support them. Whitney continued her education in Massage Therapy and other Holistic Therapies and has now dealt with all kinds of cases including (but not limited to): Fibromyalgia, Back Injuries, Pre/Post Natal (Pregnancy) Massage, Palliative Care, Soft Tissue Injuries, Surgical Recovery, Etc.

As Whitney’s client base grew, so did her knowledge, experience and reputation. She made the decision to give up her Sales & Marketing career and pursue Mobile Massage Therapy. Whitney now enjoys being in the business of helping others.  Please contact Whitney if she or someone on the Recess From Stress team can be of assistance to you and yours!

Here is an article that was published in the local paper about Whitney’s Aunt Maureen and her courage and strength.

Maureen Brainard, dying from a rare, incurable disease called amyloidosis, wanted to go out with a flourish: "I need the people in my life to know they meant something to me. I want to thank them. To say goodbye."After her diagnosis, Maureen Brainard started the invitation list for her final party. At Philthy Phil's in St. Pete Beach, she was surrounded by people who loved her: friend Laney Loscia, left, niece Whitney, and niece Kelly

**Disclaimer – If you or a loved one is sick or has an acute injury, please consult with a Doctor or other Medical Professional. Massage Therapy is not to take the place of regular medical treatment. Please consult a Doctor if you are experiencing any issues causing concern prior to scheduling a Massage for treatment. Ask your Physician if Massage is right for you or your loved one.

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